HackTheBox Lab – Invite Code Write-Up

A friend showed me this lab. I have just started solving the HTB Lab. And I will share the solvings step by step. The Lab has 20 machines that Linux and Windows. The registration that I had the most fun ever seen until now.

I will explain first challange: invite code.

First, you should invite yourself.

  1. Actually, there is no one who sending the invite code. You should invite yourself. Search for inviting.

  2. I found a hint in the javascript console. A skull was waiting me.
  3. I was review the js files. Specially /js/inviteapi.min.js
  4. I typed this function name in console. And SUPRISE!
  5. I decoded the data by base64.
  6. I prepared a POST request to /api/invite/generate.
  7. I found a new code in JSON Response.
  8. I decoded the new code by base64.
  9. Shall we begin!To be continued.




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